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A High-Level Review of UR’s RP6 Draft Determination

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The Consumer Council for Northern Ireland (CCNI) commissioned Economic Consulting Associates Ltd (ECA) to conduct a high-level review, from the consumer perspective, of the Utility Regulator (UR)’s Draft Determination (DD) on Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE)’s price control for the period 2017 to 2024 (RP6).

Consumer Council response to the Department for Transport Draft Airports National Policy Statement

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The Department for Transport (DfT) consultation document outlines the need for additional airport capacity and further explains the Government’s rationale for selecting the Northwest Runway at Heathrow Airport as its preferred scheme to deliver additional capacity in the South East of England. The document also makes reference to a number of key areas on which we will focus our response.

Energy Theft Code of Practice

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The Consumer Council expressed its support for a single set of NI industry proposals for the gas industry in the original consultation. As such we welcome that it is the favoured approach. We are committed to working with the gas industry to help ensure that this approach delivers clear and effective procedures.